Lewinsky 내부 고발자 Linda Tripp은 Bill Clinton이 '등록 된 성범죄자’

Lewinsky whistle-blower Linda Tripp says Bill Clinton should be a 'registered sex offender'

Linda Tripp, the former White House and Pentagon employee who blew the lid off the scandal involving White House intern Monica Lewinsky and President Bill Clinton, called him aserial sex predator who should have been a registered sex offenderin her posthumous memoir slated to be released next month.

In her memoirA Basket of Deplorables: What I Saw Inside the Clinton White House,” Tripp describes Clinton as someone with a large sexual appetite and Lewinsky was just one of the women going in and out of the Oval Office to meet Clinton’s appetite, 에 따르면 Daily Mail.

She also wrote that Hillary Clinton used the same dirty tricks employed by President Richard Nixon to go after her enemies.

The Clintons are two of the most corrupt political operatives to ever grace the international stage,” Tripp wrote. “The Clintons are the great, unwashed deplorables instead of the American people who are not politically connected that they regard with such contempt.

Tripp died in April of late-stage pancreatic cancer and lymph node cancer. The book is expected to be released Dec. 8.

She described the former first family as living in aparallel universe of smoke and mirrorsthat encompassedplay for playand shady land deals. She detailed Hillary Clinton’s relationship with Vince Foster, the former deputy White House counsel.

Tripp wrote that Clinton frequently berated him. Foster was found dead in a Virginia park in 1993. His death was ruled a suicide.

에서 1995 ...에 1997 Lewinsky pursued Bill Clinton and that culminated in a series often-minutevisits, 그녀가 말했다.

She became a psycho stalker and Bill, the narcissistic sexual predator, could not see what she became – until he tried to dispose of her,” according to Tripp.

Tripp’s recorded conversations, which she turned over to then-independent Counsel Ken Starr, exposed Clinton’s sexual relationship with Lewinsky, who was a White House intern at the time.

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Clinton was charged with lying under oath and obstruction of justice after an investigation into his misconduct with Lewinsky. He was impeached in 1998 by the House and acquitted by the Senate.

In an interview with Fox Nation, Tripp said she regretted that George H.W. Bush lost his 1992 re-election bid but that she had high hopes for Clinton.

There was an excitement thereand a sense of optimism,” 그녀가 말했다, adding that as the months passed, she grew disillusioned with the inner workings of the Clinton administration.

폭스 뉴스’ Ronn Blitzer and Alex Pappas contributed to this report.

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