Lexus LS sedan getting hands-free 'Teammate' driving feature

Il 2022 Lexus LS 500h AWD sedan will be available with a new system called Teammate that can control the speed of the vehicle and steer it within a lane, change lanes and take interchanges on certain highways while the driver keeps their eyes on the road.

The feature is similar to GM’s Super Cruise and others coming soon from Guado e Jeep.


A Lexus spokesman would not confirm that Teammate uses facial recognition technology as all of those do, but did say that the driver must touch the wheel at least every 10 minutes to confirm they are attentive and is referring to the feature as a Leve 2 automation system that ispartial hands-free.

Pricing has not been announced, ma il 2021 LS 500h AWD starts at $ 94,775 and the new one goes on sale this fall.

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