Liberal elites are mocking what Black Americans stand for: GOP congressional candidate

제레미 헌트: The women of “보기,” they’re so emblematic of where the progressive elites are right now. 내말은, they have no idea what life is like in Southwest and Little Georgia, where I’m running for Congress right now. 내말은, they think that blacks and Latinos, that we somehow owe them our vote for nothing more than the color of our skin. 내말은, it’s insulting. It is disrespectful. But a lot of Blacks and Latinos in our district in Columbus and Macon, Albany, Thomasville, are waking up and realizing why are we voting for these liberal elites who mock our values? They mock our are our principles, our vision. They mock our religion. They think that those of us that are born-again believers, 그, 알 잖아, somehow that we’re just so stupid for believing what we believe. 내말은, it has gotten out of control. And so that’s why the progressive elites have just they are so out of touch with our community here in southwestern Little Georgia, but they have no idea that we stand for something, that we stand for faith, 가족, 커뮤니티. That’s what our campaign is all about.


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