Liberal media hammers Biden admin over botched Afghan drone strike: 'This is absolutely horrifying'

CNN anchor Jake Tapper kicked off his show Friday by calling out the 五角大楼massive and deadly mistake.

This is a total about-face from the Pentagon’s initial denial they got anything wrong days after the attack,” Tapper told his viewers.


The Pentagon boasted thatto high profileISIS-K fighters who were dubbed asplanners and facilitatorsof the Aug. 26 suicide bombing that killed 13 我们. servicemen were successfully targeted in a drone strike two days later. 然而, one week after a bombshell 纽约时报 report that alleged ten civilians, including seven children, were killed instead of terrorists, the Pentagon confirmed the reporting.

Tapper’s colleague, CNN anchor Jim Sciutto, 发推文, “This is a horrible and sobering indictment of the admin’s reliance on ‘over the horizonops for counter-terror going forward.

Other media critics slammed the Pentagon’s admittedmistake.

A ‘mistake’ is when you forget to take out the trash, or sleep through your alarm. This is absolutely horrifying,” NBC News correspondent Garrett Haake reacted.

Seven kids, who ran out excitedly into the courtyard to meet their dad / uncle when he got home from work,” Axios reporter Jonathan Swan tweeted.

It is deeply tragic and fitting that the final American military action before withdrawing from Afghanistan was basically a signature strike — a drone attack based on pattern of behavior, not against a fully IDed target,” MSNBC editor Hayes Brown wrote.

Others called out Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff 根. Mark Milley, who referred to the drone hit as arighteous strike.

Mark Milley was the one who called this a ‘righteous strike.’ It was a massacre,” New York Times correspondent Alex Burns wrote.

After they called it ‘righteous,’ now they say a lot of innocent people died,” Washington Post reporter Josh Dawsey similarly tweeted.

The media went hard on President Biden ever since his administration implemented the chaotic military withdrawal from Afghanistan.

Biden has been intensely scrutinized for failing to keep his promise of rescuing all Americans and Afghan allies before pulling out all the troops from the country, which is now controlled by the Taliban, an invasion the president assured would not happen during the withdrawal.