Liberal senator calls on Senate Ethics Committee to expel, censure or punish Cruz and Hawley

Liberal senator calls on Senate Ethics Committee to expel, censure or punish Cruz and Hawley

它的. 谢尔顿·怀特豪斯, D.R.I., called for the expulsion of Sens. 乔什·霍利, R-Mo。, 和 泰德·克鲁斯, 德州, from the Senate on Monday over their leadership in efforts to object to electoral votes as they were being counted during a joint session of Congress last week.

Hawley and Cruz have faced significant pushback for the objections after violent protesters stormed the Capitol building, interrupting the congressional proceedings on Wednesday. While some Republicans changed their stance on the objections once order was restored, Hawley and Cruz maintained their positions.


The Senate Ethics Committee also must consider the expulsion, or censure and punishment, of Senators Cruz, 霍利, and perhaps others,” Whitehouse said in a statement, after calling for the Senate investigationto conduct security review of what happened and what went wrong[.]”

Whitehouse also called for both Republicans to be kept out of participating in any investigation.

Because Congress has protections from the Department of Justice under separation of powers, specifically the Speech and Debate Clause, significant investigation will need to be done in the Senate,” 他说. “Because of massive potential conflict of interest, Senators Cruz, 霍利, and Johnson (至少) need to be off all relevant committees reviewing this matter until the investigation of their role is complete.

Whitehouse is just the latest Democrat to call for Hawley and Cruz to leave office. 含义. 舍罗德·布朗, 俄亥俄州; 帕蒂·默里(Patty Murray), D-Wash。; 和克里斯·库恩斯, D-Del, all called on the two Republicans to resign.

霍利和克鲁兹是选举反对意见的声音支持者, 既不认可武力也不暴力. 双方都谴责了暴力行为,并说违反法律的人应承担后果.

克鲁兹称周三发生的事情为 “恐怖袭击” 和 “对我们民主的恐怖袭击。” 他呼吁涉案人员面临起诉.

克鲁兹捍卫选举投票权: 没事做’ 与CAPITOL RIOTS

在接受采访时 电视台, 克鲁兹声称,他要求参议院辩论,是在遵循适当程序,绝不参与暴力活动.

“我正在做的是辩论参议院选举的完整性,” 克鲁兹说. “这与恐怖分子的恐怖袭击无关, 这是错误的,需要起诉. 恰恰相反. 我正在做的事情是您应该如何解决这个国家的问题。”

霍利还说 “那些袭击警察和违反法律的人必须受到起诉。”

On the House side, newly elected Rep. 科里·布什, D-Mo。, introduced a resolution calling for Republican representatives who objected to electoral votes to be expelled from Congress.


The actions of the Republican lawmakers who tried to overturn the valid results of the 2020 elections must not only be condemned in the strongest possible terms, but I believe the members who attempted to disenfranchise voters and incited this violence must be removed from Congress,” Bush said in a statement, in which she accused the objectors of playing a role in the violent storming of the Capitol and thereby being complicit in aninsurrection.

The resolution cites the Fourteenth Amendment, which states that no one who has sworn an oath as a member of Congress can serve if theyhave engaged in insurrection or rebellion against the same, or given aid or comfort to the enemies thereof.

Fox News’ Kelly Phares, 乍得珀格拉姆, and Megan Henney contributed to this report.