Liberalism is a 'crap bumper sticker' with policies that fail: ダン・ボンジーノ

とボンジーノ: 人々, ウォーキシャの悲劇の後, 私は今週、急進的な自由主義から私たちの偉大な共和国への継続的な脅威について考えるようになりました. 疑問に思い始めています: 彼らもこのようなものを信じていますか? Or is liberalism just a crap bumper sticker?

It certainly seems like it. They love the slogan, they love the one-liner, they love their focus group talking points. If you can slap it on some garbage bumper sticker somewhere, that’s liberalism.

分かりますか, 人々, bumper stickers aren’t policy. And leftist bumper stickers, they don’t save lives. They cost them. They get people killed. Like the progressive Milwaukee DA, John Chisholm, who supported the low bail policies which led to a guy like Darrell Brooks Jr. being given $ 1,000 bail after a lengthy arrest record and subsequent arrests for domestic abuse. Just days after getting out because of an insignificant $ 1,000 寄託, Brooks is accused of using his SUV to run over dozens of people at a Wisconsin Christmas parade, killing at least six people. One of those victims: 8-year-old Jackson Sparks. He had a lot of life ahead of him.