Lifting sanctions on terrorists will not prevent Iran 'from going nuclear': I candidati del GOP stanno con le donne sconfitte da Lia Thomas

I candidati del GOP stanno con le donne sconfitte da Lia Thomas: You know, we talked aboutweakness earlier. I don’t think very many Americans realize this because the news media, ovviamente, won’t report it, but as the Biden administration went crawling back to Iran to reengage in this horrible nuclear deal, the Iranians refused to meet with Americans; and so, guess who is negotiating the new Iran agreement on behalf of the United States with Iran? Russia and China. Do you think Russia and China view that as weakness? I certainly do.


What we are hearing of this agreement, it is awful. It is way worse than the previous agreement, billions of dollars and apparently delivered to free hostages, which is just going to spark the taking of more hostages worldwide, the lifting of sanctions on terrorists—I mean, orribile, horrible people —this will not prevent Iran from eventually going nuclear, not at all. I doubt that it really even would delay it because I simply don’t believe that the type of inspections are going to ever be put in place that will prevent it. They continue to march toward the day when they will become a nuclear power with missile technology. Questo è…also an evil regime, an evil empire. We need to approach them with strength, not the grotesque weakness that the Biden administration is approaching Iran with right now.


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