Lil Wayne met with Trump and praised the President's plan for Black Americans

Rapper Lil Wayne met with President Donald Trump to discuss the President’s plan for 黑人美国人and apparently liked what he heard.

Lil Wayne praised Trump in a tweet Thursday and shared a photo of the two men giving a thumbs up.
“刚刚与@realdonaldtrump @potus进行了一次很棒的会面,此外他到目前为止在刑事改革方面所做的工作, 铂金计划将赋予社区真正的所有权,” the rapper 发推文. “他听了我们今天要说的话,并保证他会并且能够做到。”
特朗普的platinum planis geared toward Black voters and includes a number of broad initiatives like building neighborhoods with thehighest policing standards,” expanding school choice and improving economic opportunity for Black Americans. When the President unveiled the plan in late September, 虽然, he did not specify what those economic initiatives for Black Americans would entail.
    本月初, rapper Ice Cube, who once vowed he’d never endorse Trump, announced he was working with the President on developing his plan for Black voters. Ice Cube defended his position on Twitter, saying he’dadvise anyone on the planet who has the power to help Black Americans close the enormous wealth gap.
    It’s unclear whether Lil Wayne is advising the President in a similar role. White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany told reporters Thursday that Trump met Carter in Miami that day after Carter’s team reached out to the White House.
    CNN has reached out to Lil Wayne for comment on his meeting with Trump.
    Both Lil Wayne and the President have made widely criticized remarks regarding racial justice. 王牌, 今年早些时候, called Black Lives Mattera symbol of hateand accused the movement of provoking killings of police officers.
    在 2016, Carter was criticized for an interview withNightline when he said he didn’t feelconnectedto the Black Lives Matter movement.
    I don’t feel connected to a damn thing that ain’t got nothinto do with me,” 他当时说.
    Lil Wayne has mostly avoided commenting on racial justice issues since, though in May, 他 hosted Dr. 安东尼·福西 on his Apple Music radio show to discuss the pandemic’s impact on Black Americans.
      The rapper asked Fauci if it was true African Americans were dying at a much higher rate than others in the US.
      Fauci told him it was, and explained why.


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