Limbaugh producer Bo Snerdley blasts Democrats' 'depraved' view that Black Americans are unable to get IDs

Both liberal activists and some corporations including Coca-Cola, Dell Computer, American Airlines and Delta Airlines have expressed outrage at new elections bills in Georgia e Texas più recentemente, with many claiming they are disenfranchising Black and other minority voters.

In Georgia, Delta CEO Edward Bastian called that state’s new lawundemocratic,” mentre Major League Baseball pulled the All-Star Game out of the Bravesstadium in Cobb County, near Atlanta.

Golden told hostand frequentRush Limbaugh Showguest-anchorman himselfMark Steyn that it is “offensivo” for Democrats to speak about Black Americans in the way they have.

It’s depraved. Let’s look back: How long have Democrats and liberals been talking about I.D. as a problem for Black people? It’s been over a decade.

D'oro, chi è nero, said that it is troubling to watch Democrats advocate for immigrati illegali to get IDs and drivers licenses, mentre, if they believe such a problem exists in the Black community, they do not seem as eager to help.

“Quindi per favore, every African American in America ask yourself one question: How is it that the Democratic Party can make sure that illegal immigrants to America can get I.D. — so they can have legal drivers licenses, but you can’t have a legal I.D. so you can partake in American society fully?” chiese.

Inoltre, Golden noted that most of the Election Day complaints oflong linesthat were a source of outrage over changes to Georgia’s code particularly tend to come from Black neighborhoods firmly under Democratic Party political control.

Why is it that Democrats insist that we have these long lines and Republicans, ‘evil that they are’, won’t let us have water, which is a lie, a proposito?” chiese.

When you look in the [Georgia] conto, what it says is there can be self-serving water stations or beverage stations throughoutWhat they don’t want is electioneeringpeople coming up to you and asking you for a vote in exchange for a drink of water because Democrats left you in three-hour long lines in your neighborhood.

So African-Americans ask yourselves one question. Why is it that Black neighborhoods that Democrats run have long lines that require you to stand in line for hours and hours and hours when white folks and others in Americans don’t have the long lines? Republicans are not running those districts. Who runs your town? It’s not the evil Republicans. It’s your friends, i Democratici…”

Golden added that the corporations at the center of the Georgia controversyDelta and Cokeseem to follow what he calls themagic number 2.

He said both companies have 2 Black people on their corporate boards or executive teams.

It’s like okay, we’ve got two. Now we’re woke. — No, you’re not woke. You’re half asleep. And you should stop insulting and using Black Americans for your political purposes.

Ex presidente Donald Trump, Golden added, received more votes from the Black community than any recent Republican candidate in part because his words and actions resonated with them more than the Democrats.

He didn’t play the pander game. He didn’t play the race-bait game. He treated everybody equally. Some people don’t like that. — He’s a guy that stood up and said, Hey, I’m going to call it like I see it and not do this pander routine. Sai cosa? I think African Americans are gradually and in more numbers than ever before sick of being pandered today, sick of being used as racial fodder by the Democratic Party.

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