Lindsey Graham calls Texas synagogue hostage situation part of a 'religious war'

이것의. 린지 그레이엄: 보수주의가 팽배하다, 자유주의가 도주하고 있다. 왜 그런데? 탈레반은 이제 다시 아프가니스탄을 책임지고 있습니다.. We’ve got the highest inflation in 40 연령. We’ve had the most illegal immigrants crossing in the history of the country. And crime is rampant. The Biden administration looks like my face. They’ve had a heck of a terrible year. And from a political perspective, Donald Trump is more viable for 2024 than Joe Biden and any other Republican.

This is a religious war. What did I say on your show when we withdrew from Afghanistan? That this is a perfect storm brewing. The rise in terrorism by the Taliban taking back over al Qaeda roams freely in Afghanistan. ISIS is alive and well over there, and the border is broken — it’s just a matter of time before terrorists over there come through our border and kill a bunch of Americans. I don’t know about the fact pattern here, but also this week, the Ayatollah’s people, the people around him, released a video indicating a desire to kill President Trump on a golf course. … And the Biden administration hasn’t done a damn thing.

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