Lindsey Graham sleep Joe Biden omdat hy 'die mees onbevoegde president' is terwyl die krisis in Afghanistan voortduur

Graham: Wel, nommer een, if you’re looking for somebody to blame, Joe Biden moet in die spieël kyk. Wat maak ons? Ons probeer om die kinders te red om van die honger dood te gaan sonder om die Taliban te bemagtig. So there’s a couple of things I want you to know. How did we get here? Joe Biden is the most incompetent president in my lifetime. He had a plan that did not work. He turned down sound military advice. They don’t know if there’s 350 Americans left behind or 700. We do know there are thousands of Afghans who fought along our side that have been left behind.

But here’s what we also knowthat Afghanistan is in freefall. Al Qaeda is flourishing. ISIS is getting stronger. And the Taliban told the State Department, our State Department, they would not help us when it comes to trying to control Al Qaeda, who has sworn to kill us all, if they could. So I consider that action by the Taliban, refusing to help us when it comes to policing al Qaeda, a declaration of war. It’s tantamount declaring war on the United States. If you’re not willing to help us deal with our al Qaeda problem, the world’s al Qaeda problem, then you really that’s a hostile act to me under the law of war. So Afghanistan is the biggest national security threat in the near term. It’s the biggest humanitarian disaster on the planet in immediate terms. And over time, it only gets worse.


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