Lionel Messi tops Forbes' highest-paid athlete list for 2022

Despite a disappointing season on the pitch, Paris Saint-Germain star Lionel Messi was the highest-paid athlete in the world over the last 12 개월, 에 따르면 포브스.

The soccer sensation is reported to be bringing in pre-tax gross earnings of $ 130 million a year from on-field and off-field pursuits, keeping him ahead of the likes of LeBron James and rival Cristiano Ronaldo on the rich list.
Messi, who earns a reported $ 75 million a year from playing soccer, also cashes in on $ 55 million from sponsorship deals and endorsements.
    포브스’ 맨 위 10 Highest-Paid Athletes 2022
    1. Lionel Messi: $ 130 백만
    2. 르브론 제임스: $ 121.2 백만
    3. 크리스티아누 호날두의: $ 115 백만
    4. 네이마르: $ 95 백만
    5. 스테판 카레: $ 92.8 백만
    6. 케빈 듀란트: $ 92.1 백만
    7. [object Window]: $ 90.7 백만
    8. Canelo Alvarez: $ 90 백만
    9. 톰 브래디: $ 83.9 백만
    10. Giannis Antetokounmpo: $ 80.9 백만

    It’s the second time the Argentine sits atop Forbes’ 명부, the last time coming in 2019.
      상단 10 highest earners, who are all men, collectively brought in $ 992 million in pre-tax gross earnings over the last year.
        Messi has received criticism for some of his off-field sponsorships, recently promoting tourism for Saudi Arabia. He was pictured in the country and posted a photo on his personal Instagram account with the tag #VisitSaudi.
        The country has long been accused of sportswashing in order to hide its poor human rights record.
          Recent additions to Messi’s revenue streams: 카타르, controversial crypto company Socios and Saudi. Man’s gotta eat,” tweeted New York Times reporter Tariq Panja.
          CNN has reached out to Messi’s representatives for comment but did not get an immediate reply.
          Messi has had a disappointing debut season at PSG.

          NBA superstar James comes in a narrow second on the rich list, 적립 $ 121.2 million a year.
          The Los Angeles Lakers forward may have missed the playoffs this season but he’s been dominant off the court, cashing in on his talk show and starring in last year’s 스페이스 잼: A New Legacy 필름.
          Forbes estimates James is now worth a staggering $ 850 백만.
          Cristiano Ronaldo completes the top three, 적립 $ 115 million after moving from Juventus to Manchester United.
          The Portuguese superstar earns the same as Messi off-field with the majority coming from his unrivaled social media presence.
            Ronaldo has 690 million followers across Instagram, 페이스북과 트위터, allowing him to leverage for higher sponsorship fees from a number of companies.
            Forbes calculates the estimates based on prize money, salaries and bonuses as well as estimations of sponsorship deals and other off-field revenue streams.

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