Aggiornamenti in tempo reale: McEnany dice che i funzionari del Wisconsin cercano di cambiare le leggi sul riconteggio "mentre parliamo’

Aggiornamenti in tempo reale: McEnany says Wisconsin officials trying to change recount laws 'as we speak'

casa Bianca press secretary Kayleigh McEnany told Fox NewsSean Hannity on Wednesday that officials in Wisconsin are trying to change recount lawsas we speak.

House Republicans have also demanded an investigation into the ‘integrity’ del 2020 presidential election and called for immediate hearings.

Nel frattempo, a senior Department of Homeland Security official told Fox News that former Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency Director Chris Krebs wasout of his lanewith voter fraud statements.

Krebs spoke about voter fraud and the integrity of the election in CISA statements and on the agency’srumor control” sito web.


    • President-elect Joe Biden currently leads President Trump by 79,513,515 votes to 73,601,516 voti

President Trump fired him in a tweet Tuesday, saying a CISA statement released last week calling the 2020 elezione “the most secure in history” era “highly inaccurate.

Follow below for more updates on the election legal fight. Gli utenti di dispositivi mobili fanno clic Qui.

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