Liz Peek: Bernie Sanders' $  6 trillion plan – Dems' radical spending will drive inflation higher. Así es cómo

Despite inflation soaring to the highest level in 30 años, the Vermont senator and his progressive colleagues want to throw another $ 6 trillion onto an economy already on fire. Como Joe Biden might say: this is no joke.

Under cover of “infraestructura” inversión, Lijadoras, Su. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., and other far-left Democrats aim to push a gigantic new spending package through the Senate using reconciliation, choosing to plow ahead with zero Republican votes.


Progressive Democrats are aggrieved that some of their colleagues have brokered a smaller (actual) infrastructure deal with the GOP, which omits some of their more grandiose ambitions. They want to bloat the budget with a vast expansion of Medicare, subsidies for child care and elder care (a thank-you to the teachers’ unions and the SEIU), spending to combat climate change and perhaps to provide a path to citizenship for people in the country illegally.

Liberals’ major gripe appears to be that the bipartisan compromise plan only requires half a trillion dollars in new spending. For progressives, unconcerned about last year’s $ 3 trillion federal budget deficit, that is not good enough. As reported in The Hill, “Asked how Democrats came up with the $ 6 trillion spending target, Sanders replied: “Don’t overthink it.


Líder de la mayoría del Senado Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., who should overthink it, is all in.

It’s a gamble by progressives that would rattle even Wild Bill Hickok, one of history’s greatest poker players. The surge in spending would risk stoking even higher inflation, putting at risk the slight edge Democrats currently have in Congress as well as the economic recovery. If it misfires, it would also slam Leftists’ standing within their own party.

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Progressives beware: Hickok was shot dead by an aggrieved loser, even as he held two aces and two eights – a winning hand.

You can’t blame Sanders; he is an ideological zealot who has long been criticized by colleagues like former Rep. Barney Frank, D-Mass., for his refusal to compromise and lack of political pragmatism. Y, Demócratas, después de todo, put Sanders in charge of the Budget Committee. The self-described democratic socialist, once a mitten-wearing curmudgeonly outlier, is giddy with power and opportunity.

But what could possess his fellow Democrats to jeopardize our economy? Sencillo: they are scared they will lose the support of progressives in 2022 unless they follow through on campaign promises to radically upend our energy industries, provide cradle to grave welfare, open our borders and generally grow the federal government’s control of the economy.

Transforming the nation, as Biden promised to do, turns out to be quite expensive. It will also prove – count on it – extremely unpopular.

Democrats running for reelection in swing districts in 2022 are nervous, and rightly so. They see voters connecting the dots, and already blaming Biden and Democrats in control of Congress for the rising cost of living.

Sanders claimed in a recent interview that the progressives’ proposed bill includeswhat the American people want.Polling suggests otherwise.

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