Liz Peek: Pelosi, Democrats need Trump – Jan. 6 commission created for this one reason

It’s rubbish, natuurlik. Pelosi, D-Kalifornië., can’t wait to get started on yet another excoriation of the former president. Hoekom? Because Pelosi doesn’t just miss Donald J. Trump, sy behoeftes Donald J. Trump.

Trump is the glue holding the Democrat Party together; the epoxy that unites the progressive Bernie Bros and moderates like Sen. Joe Manchin, D-W-Va. Trump’s the guy who inspires turnout among Democrats; no Trump, geen 81 miljoen stemme.


A pro-Biden super PAC just sent out a plea for help, telling supporters that voters are oblivious to the president’s achievements and that Democrats need tocommunicate much more aggressivelyabout his agenda or face serious losses in the midterms. With all due respect to Biden’s agenda, he isn’t Donald J. Trump. With Trump muted, that’s no longer good enough.

It isn’t just Democrat politicians that miss our former president; their partners in the media are dying without Trump. Ratings for CNN and MSNBC have cratered; the audience for CNN’s Jake Tapper has plummeted 75% vanaf Januarie. Tapper can’t wait for Pelosi’s “opstand” hearings.


The Left’s problem is that Trump is practically invisible today. Liberals applaud Facebook, YouTube and Twitter for taking The Donald off their platforms, and it surely has reduced his impact.

But those social media giants have in fact done Democrats a huge disservice. Instead of railing about Trump’s latest disruptive Tweet, Pelosi and President Joe Biden have to talk about the chaos at the border, or their push to spend even more trillions of dollars, despite the worst inflation in decades. They have to explain why gasoline prices are up more than 30%, or why crime is soaring in Democrat-led cities. They have to tell us why American kids are being brainwashed into thinking that all that matters is the color of their skin.

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Democrat leaders like Pelosi and Biden are cowed by a sliver of their party that champions policies most Americans dislike, like open borders, critical race theory and lax voting rules.

Their way is not the American way. Reeds, after just a few months in control of Congress and the White House, Democrats are playing defense. Biden’s far-Left agenda looks dead in the water thanks to some moderates in Congress whose constituents are alarmed at the prospect of higher taxes, giant budget deficits and immoderate payoffs to Democrat special-interest groups.

What will Democrats sell to voters in 2022?

That’s where Nancy’s commission comes in. She wants to return to the 2020 speelboek, in which Trump is the Bogeyman. In die besonder, she wants to alarm the country that we are at mortal risk from violent extremists – I.e. Trump supporters – of the kind that breached the Capitol on Jan. 6.

She wants to play up the “opstand” vertelling, and has the FBI toiling to back her up. The agency, displaying the kind of fervor conspicuously lacking in dealing with the BLM riots a year ago, has so far hunted down and arrested more than 535 people who approached or crowded into the halls of Congress.

The hearing could prove a minefield for Pelosi and her fellow Democrats unless the partisan makeup of the commission prevents an honest accounting, which it might.

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