Lizzo and Cardi B dropped the video for 'Rumors'

The Rumors are true리조Cardi B have collaborated.

Lizzo dropped the 비디오 for her first new single in two years on Friday, which features her and pregnant rap superstar Cardi B.
The stars feature in a gold-plated music video.

별들 — dripping in fineryare both center stage in the gold-plated video, which takes its inspiration from ancient Greece.
    Three-time Grammy award winner Lizzo teased the collaboration earlier this week, when she posted an Instagram video of herself delivering a wake-up call to Cardiwith the caller ID signaling a collaboration.
      The collaboration featured an appearance from a pregnant Cardi B.

      The duo had already starred together in the 2019 영화 사기꾼. Based on the true story first brought to the world in a 2015 New York Magazine article titledThe Hustlers at Scores,” the film is about a group of strippers who decide to rip off their Wall Street clients.
        Lizzo first burst into the mainstream the same year, after her songTruth Hurtswas featured in the Netflix movieSomeone Great.Her subsequent album, “Cuz I Love You,” was nominated for multiple Grammys and won Best Urban Contemporary Album.

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