'Locked Down' turns quarantine into a romantic heist movie for the Covid time capsule

자신의 관계가 검역으로 테스트되었다고 느낀 사람 (손을들 필요가 없습니다, 우리는 당신을 봅니다) 적어도 부분적으로 관련 될 것입니다 “잠김,” 그런 상황에 갇힌 부부의 생각을, then builds an improbable heist plot around it. Thanks to Chiwetel Ejiofor and Anne Hathaway it’s mildly watchable, but mostly an artifact that might look better after a few years in the Covid time capsule.

The film is notably just the latest attempt to corral the strangeness of the pandemic and turn that into drama, 포함 a number of limited series and specials made for TV and streaming. The main difference here involves the marquee stars (plus some amusing Zoom-call cameos), working withThe Bourne Identitydirector Doug Liman (whose most germane credit here might be “씨. & 부인. 스미스”) and writer Steven Knight (“Peaky 블라인더”).
Living together in London, Ejiofor’s Paxton has just been furloughed from his van-driving gig, while his partner Linda (Hathaway) is forced to lay off some of her company’s workers. That only adds to the shared sense of malaise and discomfort, since Lindafirst seen screaming into a pillowhad beenplanning to end our thingbefore the lockdown kept them at least physically together.
The tension in the relationship comes spewing out in a lot of rapid-fire dialogue, almost like an Aaron Sorkin movie, only there’s not much room to walk while talking.
I’m not normal lately, I know that,” Paxton admits, before going out into the street to read poetry, loudly, as a means ofentertaining our fellow inmates.
Like most shot-under-quarantine productions, it’s intriguing for about 30 minutes or so, thanks in part to the charismatic leads. For the next half-hour, most viewerslike their predicamentwill probably have seen enough and just want to get out.
The second half, 그러나, takes a marked turn, as an opportunity presents itself for the two to collaborate on absconding with a priceless (확인, extremely valuable) piece of merchandise. The scenario creates uncertainty about whether they’ll actually go through with the scheme, if they’ll get away with it, and whether sharing such an endeavor can repair the damage done between them.
길을 따라, the pair chat with various friends and co-workers played by the likes of Ben Stiller, Ben Kingsley and Dule Hill, but this is mostly a two-handed card game.
다시 한번, it’s possible to admire the ingenuityand in this case, the central performanceswithout finding the result particularly satisfying. Seeing glamorous people engaging in mundane, getting-under-each-other’s-skin bickering doesn’t necessarily make that a whole lot more fun.
Distributed by Warner Bros. amid the studio’s strategy of launching its 2021 slate on HBO Max (CNN처럼, both units of WarnerMedia), “잠김” is the kind of small-boned movie that doesn’t lose anything on a streaming platform. Creatively speaking, it actually might gain something after a few years in the vault, but for now, it falls somewhere in the realms ofNot enough” 과 “Too soon,” take your pick.
“잠김” premieres Jan. 14 on HBO Max.

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