London Heathrow no longer Europe’s busiest airport

London Heathrow no longer Europe's busiest airport

그만큼 busiest airport in Europe is no longer in London.

Paris’ Charles de Gaulle Airport has dethroned the U.K. ‘s Heathrow Airport for the No. 1 spot for having the most travelers in the country. This change comes as a result of fewer passengers flying through during the 감염병 세계적 유행.

Travelers to London's Heathrow airport have dropped more than 84%, its third-quarter earnings revealed. (iStock)

Travelers to London’s Heathrow airport have dropped more than 84%, its third-quarter earnings revealed. (iStock)

Heathrow said Wednesday in its third-quarter earnings that traveler numbers had dropped more than 84% and reported as much as $ 1.9 billion in losses during 2020 as a result of fewer passengers being tested for COVID-19 and travel restrictions 대유행 동안.

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“For the first time, Paris Charles de Gaulle has overtaken Heathrow as Europe’s largest airport, with Amsterdam Schiphol and Frankfurt close behind,” Heathrow said in a statement on Wednesday.

The three airport rivals have started routine COVID-19 testing, Heathrow noted in the earnings report. 영국. 정부, 그 동안에, announced plans to launch testing for passengers from high-risk countries by December in an effort to boost the economy.


Heathrow reported 19 million travelers passed through the airport during the first nine months of 2020, slightly less than the 19.3 million passengers passing through Paris, 그만큼 Financial Times reported.

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Pre-pandemic, Heathrow saw close to 80 million passengers per year.

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