Looks like 'game over' for Amber Heard in Johnny Depp defamation case: スピルドリル


JONNA SPILBOR: I found it almost humorous that they called this a love journal when all we’ve heard over the last six weeks are examples of just how toxic this relationship was. And you’ve got to remember, this was a very short marriage. And if you listen to Amber Heard, it was one example after another where Johnny Depp was this aggressor and this horrible abuser. Yet here we are looking at her own words again for the jury to see where she’s basically telling him how much she loves him. She’s constantly apologizing. And it really counters what she wants to portray on the stand. I really think it hurt her. … The jury has stopped looking at her, according to reporters in the room. Once a jury stops looking at you. It’s pretty much game over. That’s a telltale sign that they no longer believe your side of the story.