Lorde drops 'Solar Power' video

Lorde is out here aiming for the song of the summer.

los video for her new singleSolar Power has dropped and it has everything you need to make it a warm weather jam, from the singer frolicking dressed in yellow on the beach with others to the lyrics that reference a hot time.
Can’t stand the cold/I tend to cancel all the plans,” she sings. “But when the heat comes/Something takes a hold/Can I kick it?/sí, I can.
    The world has been without new Lorde music since 2017 ‘sMelodramaalbum and days ago she teased followers that the song was coming with cover art on her site.
      Lorde, 24, first burst onto the scene in 2013 as a teen with her hit singleRoyals,” which garnered her critical and commercial success.
        Solar Poweris reportedly also the title of her forthcoming album.




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