Los Angeles is seeing a trend of 'follow-home' robberies targeting people based on their cars and jewelry, police say

There has been a slew of robberies in Los Angeles where the perpetrators target people based on the jewelry they’re wearing and their cars, police said Friday.

The Los Angeles Police Department is calling the crimes “a trend of follow-home robberies” after documenting more than 110 incidents.
“Suspects would target victims in Los Angeles, following them, and then commit the robberies as the victims were arriving home or to their business,” the LAPD said in the news release. “Victims were being targeted based on the jewelry they were wearing and/or the car they were driving.”
      Investigators found that people were followed from places including like Melrose Avenue, the Jewelry District as well as high-end restaurants and nightclubs from Hollywood and Wilshire area, police said.
        Authorities believe the robberies are being committed by the same suspects and that six different L.A. gangs have been connected to the crimes. They noticed the trend in the beginning of this year.
          Police are also asking the public to contact them if they have information that can lead to identifying the suspects. It’s unclear whether anyone is custody.

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