Louisiana bank turns its multi-storied building into a large Advent calendar

December is the month of Advent calendars — and one Louisiana bank is taking the tradition to new heights.

The First National Bank of Louisiana in Crowley — the city’s only skyscraper, built in 1920 — has undergone a complete transformation, using its windows to count down the days to Christmas.
Each day of December, the bank will update the windows and watch as the holiday inches closer and closer, according to CNN affiliate KATC.
Advent calendars, which countdown the days to Christmas, are typically filled with chocolates or small toys. In recent years, though, they’ve taken a variety of forms.
    This year, for example, has seen a growing number of booze-filled Advent calendars marketed toward adults.
    Last year, luxury jeweler Tiffany & Co. released an Ultimate Advent Calendar retailing at $ 112,000 — with each day revealing a glittery Tiffany product.

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