Louisiana-verpleegster sterf terwyl sy paraplegiese pasiënt uit 'n huisbrand red

'N Tuisverpleegster in Louisiana word as 'n held beskou omdat sy haar paraplegiese pasiënt gered het van 'n huisbrand wat haar uiteindelik doodgemaak het, het die owerhede Woensdag gesê.

The Delhi Fire Department responded to a call of people trapped in a house fire Monday just before 6 nm., the Louisiana Office of State Fire Marshal said in a statement. The nurse, 64-year-old Gwendolyn Theus, and the homeowner, a 71-year-old paraplegic woman, were pulled from a bedroom.
Authorities administered CPR, but only the homeowner was revived, lui die verklaring.
“Me. Theusvaliant efforts to put her patient’s life before her own are both admirable and heartbreaking,” said State Fire Marshal H. “ButchBrowning, “Our prayers are with her loved ones and with the surviving victim for her recovery and loss of her dedicated nurse and friend.
    A surviving occupant of the house told investigators Theus went to the homeowner’s bedroom to alert her to the flames, lui die verklaring. She tried multiple times to wheel the woman’s bed out of the room, but was unsuccessful, authorities learned.
    In plaas daarvan, Theus pulled the woman from the bed and attempted to push her out the window to escape the fire, lui die verklaring. Before she could, Theus succumbed to the smoke.
      Neighbors attempted rescue efforts from the bedroom window before firefighters arrived, lui die verklaring.
      The homeowner was revived and flown to a burn unit in Mississippi, and the other occupant of the house is expected to make a full recovery, owerhede gesê.

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