Louisiana supervisors reviewing video from a state police unit to investigate whether there's a history of abuse in its interactions with Black people, 소식통은 말한다

한 그룹의 루이지애나 주 경찰 감독관이 현재 모든 위법 행위 패턴을 조사하기 위해 한 경찰이 포함 된 모든 신체 카메라 및 대시 캠 비디오를 검토하고 있습니다., and it is particularly looking to see whether there has been a history of abuse in the unit’s interactions with Black people, two sources familiar with the process confirmed to CNN.

The unitTroop Fis the same unit involved in the 2019 encounter that ended in the death of Ronald Greene.
Greene died May 10, 2019, after what state police described as resisting arrest and a struggle with troopers. 하나, his family said they were told by state police Greene died in a car crash after a police chase, and their attorneys have accused police and state officials of engaging in a cover-up.
      Greene’s family filed a federal wrongful death suit 할 수있다 6, 2020. Video of Greene’s arrest was released in May, first by the Associated Press and then by Louisiana State Police.
        Three officers involved in Greene’s death faced discipline, 와 one recently being fired over an excessive force incident not involving Greene. Another completed a 50-hour suspension and returned to duty pending the outcome of the review by federal and state authorities. One officer was set to be terminated but died before he could be fired.
          Regarding the review of videos from Troop F, one source, who is a current state official, said the state police panel reviewing the videos is simplypolicy and procedure.But two sources with knowledge of the process said the panel is specifically investigating whether Troop F’s interactions with Black motorists involved a pattern of excessive force.
          This isn’t a group of people in a dark room locked away,” the state official source said.
          의견에 도달했을 때, LSP spokesperson Nick Manale said, “It is no secret that LSP supervisors routinely review camera footage to ensure officer safety, compliance to LSP policy, and proper interactions with the public.
            A second source who is familiar with the panel told CNN it is standard for the LSP to assign supervisors from across the state to review video from all troopers, but especially if there isany indication or suspicion of repeated wrongdoing by a troop, in this case Troop F.
            “일반적으로, this panel would be comprised of individuals who are part of the colonel’s command staff,” 추가 된 소스.

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