Madison Cawthorn targeted by new Dem super PAC, freshman rep says it's proof he's doing his job

그만큼 “Fire Madison CawthornPAC was launched on Monday by Cawthorn’s Democratic opponent from 2020, 안부. Moe Davis, and Democratic state Senate candidate David Wheeler.

보도 자료에 따르면, the super PAC has thesole purpose of firing a Member of Congress,” which the organization says is the first super PAC in western 노스 캐롤라이나 to have that specific aim.


The non-profit and IRS registered Super PAC’s sole purpose is to raise funds to focus on the callous and child-like actions of U.S. Representative David (Madison) Cawthorn,” the release reads.

Fox News에 대한 성명서, Cawthorn said that he knows that he is doing his job if he ishated in Washington, D.C.” 과 “despised and derided by corporate lobbyists and Super PACs of the radical left.

If I am loved by those who back the blue, if I have earned the support of those who plow the fields and raise a family in North Carolina, I know I am doing my job,” 그는 계속했다. “워싱턴, D.C. hates me, because they fear you.

These left-wing socialists can call me what they want, but they did not call me to this position,” the Republican congressman said. “The people of Western North Carolina have my six and that’s the only backup I will ever need.

Wheeler, one of the Democrats behind the PAC, said that many people in Cawthorn’s district have given the congressmanthe benefit of the doubt, hoping that maybe he would be a member of Congress for us all, and it’s clear that he has one agenda, and it’s himself.

“그래서, 안부. Davis and I, 다른 사람, decided to do what Americans do, which is to try and influence the government,” 그는 계속했다. “And we feel we can certainly do better here in Western North Carolina than Madison Cawthorn.

Wheeler claimed the catalyst for the super PAC was Cawthorn’sendorsement of the January 6th insurrection” 미국에서. Capitol as well as hisabsolute loyalty and love for Donald Trump and his inability to understand he represents all of us, not just those that voted for him.

And then you top it off with the fact that three months into his tenure, he gets two weeks off and goes on vacation in Dubai,” Wheeler said. “A place that he rails against, 아이러니하게도, because it’s a Muslim country and he sits around drinking beer for two weeks while the rest of us are stuck in a pandemic looking for help and he callously heads off to Dubai.

It was reported that Cawthorn was honeymooning with his new wife in Dubai after his wedding. The congressman defended missing votes during his honeymoon, saying it was hisservice as a husband.

Following the Jan. 6 국회 의사당 공격, Cawthorn 말했다 the Republican Party had alesson to learnfrom the implications of the GOP’s election fraud claims and called the riotsickening and infuriating.

As one of the very first Republican freshmen Congressmen to pass legislation in the 117th Congress, 대표. Cawthorn has championed the interests of veterans across the district,” Cawthorn’s communications director, Micah Bock, 폭스 뉴스에 말했다. “From rural broadband reform, to rebuilding local businesses in the post-Covid economy, 대표. Cawthorn has introduced a number of powerful legislative initiatives that put Americans first.

Bock added that Cawthornserves as a champion of free expression and libertyand that it came asno surprise that embittered liberal activists have been weaponized by the Democrat machine in Washington in an effort to silence his voice.

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