‘MAGA Marchattendee says left-wing counter-protesters ‘got very violent very quickly

'MAGA March' attendee says left-wing counter-protesters 'got very violent very quickly'

#Walkaway campaign spokesperson Karlyn Borysenko said on Monday that theMillion Maga Marchstarted as awonderful dayuntil it devolved into violence when counter-protesters attacked.

“It got very violent very quickly,” Borysenko told여우 & 친구.”

What started as awonderful daydevolved into a place that was “not great to be out at night,” 그녀가 말했다.

“We were actually out having dinner with the walk-away crew and we saw Antifa and BLM marching in the street carrying signs. And later in the day, I came out of my hotel – I was going to go to a bar with some friends – and I was instantly greeted with Antifa marching down the street chanting ‘America was never great.’ 과, so, it was really not a great place to be out at night.”


경찰 have arrested a suspect in connection with fireworks that went off at a D.C. restaurant and hit 지우다 supporters after Saturday’s “MAGA Million March,” according to reports.

A video of the incident shows a large crowd descending on P.J. Clarke’s restaurant just a few blocks away from the 백악관. Amid a heated confrontation between a small group of Trump supporters and a hostile crowd, someone sets off fireworks that explode on the patio.

Chaos ensues as parties on both sides scramble to leave the area before police arrive to separate them. Expletives can be heard flying left and right. It wasn’t immediately clear whether anyone on the pro-Trump side was injured by the explosion.

일요일에, police said they had arrested 26-year-old Javien Michael Dawson in connection with the fireworks, WRC-TV reported. He had been charged with assault with a dangerous weapon.

It was one of more than 20 arrests that have taken place in response to the violence that ensued hours after tens of thousands of Trump supporters gathered in Washington Saturday to echo the president’s claims of voter fraud and urged him not to concede to President-elect Joe Biden.

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Counter-protesters showed up “early” in the day before the march had started. As the counter-protest progressed, Trump supporters started surrounding them, chanting “U.S.A” At that point, the event started to escalate.

“They started flailing. They smacked me in the shoulder, wasn’t that big a deal, compared to what many other people experienced,” Borysenko said.

“The left has been preaching to us for months about peaceful protests. 잘, we had an amazing day that was a completely peaceful protest on the part of Trump supporters and they thanked us with violence at night.”

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