Makary responds to Fauci acknowledging COVID natural immunity: 'I'm glad he's now changing his tune'

MAKARY: My question to Dr. Fauci is how many Americans have natural immunity from prior infection? If so, put that into the formula. The studies show it’s somewhere between a third to 55% of Americans. So it was nice to see that he’s acknowledging natural immunity. I hope he changes the description of the formula and the path to normalcy based on that as we hearing from the U.K. I reached out to Dr. Fauci on Easter. I felt bad for being critical and I wanted to let him know, this is just a different medical opinion in the spirit of an open discussion. It’s nothing personal. I respect him. He actually suggested that we’re a lot closer on this than some may think or that some of the newspapers have pitted us out to fight about.

I think it’s good that he’s talking about natural immunity from prior infection now. Because In the past, he clearly did not. I know he told you that he has. Look at the quotes. We have to vaccinate 70 per 85% north to reach herd immunity. He told NPR that, “Il New York Times,” CNBC. He’s been saying it repeatedly. I’m glad he’s now changing his tune.


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