Man arrested after allegedly defacing 'America's Stonehenge' with suspected QAnon-related graffiti

A New Jersey man was arrested Monday after defacing an ancient rock formation in 2019 with suspected QAnon-related graffiti, according to police in Salem, 뉴햄프셔.

Mark Russo, 50, was charged with one count of felony criminal mischief after carving phrases into a rock tablet with a power tool atAmerica’s Stonehengesite in New Hampshire, according to a release from Salem Police. He was taken into custody in New Jersey and was later extradited to New Hampshire.
The landmark’s website says the arrangement of rocks is approximately 4,000 살이에요.
      Police said that on September 29, 2019, 장교 responded to the scene following a report of criminal mischief, 과 they found a rock tablet that was damaged by a power tool.
        The phraseWWG1WGAwas carved into the stone, which police believe stands forWhere We Go One, We Go All,” according to Capt. Jason Smith, public information officer for Salem Police. The phrase is commonly associated with the QAnon conspiracy theory.
          게다가, the phraseIAMMARKwas found on the stone, 과 “an 18 inch tall wooden cross” 였다 strung between two trees which was adorned withseveral photographs and hand drawn images,” 경찰은 말했다.
          Investigators also found a note at the site that saidU where (sic) warned not to drink the blood, but children, to get high! These people are sick/ these people are stupid,” according to Smith.
          Russo pleaded not guilty on Tuesday and his bail was set at $ 3,000 현금, said Melissa Fales of the Rockingham County Attorney’s office. CNN has reached out to Russo’s attorney for comment.
            Smith told CNN that Salem Police did not originally understand the phrase to be related to QAnon, but through the assistance of the FBI, authorities were able to track the phrase to related social media and other vandalism sites.
            The Boston FBI field office, which handles the region the vandalism was found in, said they were only assisting in the investigation and referred CNN back to local authorities.

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