Man arrested after taking his toddler into an elephant enclosure at San Diego Zoo

A visitor at the San Diego Zoo was arrested on Friday shortly after taking his two-year-old daughter into an elephant enclosure, according to a press release from the San Diego Police Department.

Jose Navarrete, 25, made it into the elephant enclosure with his daughter after passing multiple barriers, die vrylating gesê.
Once the father and daughter were inside the enclosure, an elephant noticed the pair and started to trot towards them, volgens die vrylating. When Navarrete tried to exit the enclosure with his two-year-old, he dropped her but was able to pick her up.
      There were no injuries to Navarrete, his daughter, or the elephant,” die vrylating gesê.
        Navarrete was booked into the San Diego County Jail, volgens die polisie. He is charged with child cruelty and is currently being held on $ 100,000 borgtog.
            CNN was not able to determine if he has legal representation at this time and could not reach him for comment.
            Police said the investigation is ongoing and are asking for anyone who may have witnessed the incident to contact the San Diego Police Department.




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