L'uomo indagato sulla possibile pianificazione di danneggiare il giornalista iraniano è incriminato con l'accusa di possesso di arma da fuoco

L'uomo indagato per aver pianificato di fare del male a un giornalista e attivista iraniano è stato incriminato con l'accusa di armi da fuoco, secondo un documento non sigillato giovedì.

Khalid Mehdiyev was charged by a federal grand jury with possessing a firearm with anobliteratedserial number, according to the indictment. Mehdiyev was driving away late last month from the neighborhood where Masih Alinejad lives when he failed to stop at a stop sign. A criminal complaint says New York police officers found him driving without a license since his had been suspended.
Police later found in the back seat of his vehicle a suitcase containing aNorinco AK-47-style assault rifleloaded with a round in the chamber and a magazine attached, along with a separate second magazine, and a total of approximately 66 rounds of ammunition,” dice la denuncia.
      Mehdiyev drove a gray Subaru Forester SUV and stayed in the area for several hours where hebehaved suspiciously,” afferma la denuncia. In una occasione, Mehdiyev got in and out of his car several times, ordered food delivery to his car, and approached a home in the neighborhoodwhere Alinejad residespeering inside the windows and trying to open the front door, la denuncia ha detto, e CNN precedentemente segnalato.
        It’s unclear if authorities are still investigating whether he was planning to harm the journalist.
          CNN is trying to reach his attorney, Stephanie Marie Carvlin, who previously declined to comment when contacted by CNN.
          L'anno scorso, Alinejad was targeted in an alleged kidnapping plot by Iranian nationals after she spoke out against the Islamic republic. The plot was organized by an Iranian intelligence official, an indictment alleged, but Iran’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs denied any involvement, calling the accusationbaseless and ridiculous,” according to semiofficial Iranian state media.
          In a CNN interview, she said the Iranian government had been targeting her and her family for her efforts to give voice to those being oppressed in the country where she was born.
          Alinejad, a dissident who frequently shares photos and videos of what she callsvoicelessIranian women through her social media accounts, says Iranian officials have warned her about her activism.
          Mehdiyev, according to a criminal complaint released after he was arrested, told authorities his rent in Yonkers was too high, and he was visiting Brooklyn to find an apartment. The cash was for a hotel room, and he approached the home in the Brooklyn neighborhood because he intended to ask if the owners might rent him a room, before changing his mind, the complaint says he told investigators. The Subaru was borrowed, and he did not know the suitcasewhich he said was not hiscontained a rifle, he initially told investigators, secondo la denuncia.
            The suspect later told agentsthe AK-47 was his, and that he had been in Brooklyn because he was looking for someone,” before invoking his right to counsel, dice la denuncia.
            Mehdiyev’s previous court date set for August 12 has been canceled, and no future date has been set yet, according to a spokesperson for the Southern District of New York.

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