Hombre acusado de secuestro de Cleo Smith, de 4 años

La policía de Australia Occidental ha acusado a un hombre de 36 años de varios delitos, entre ellos “forcibly taking a child under 16” en relación con la desaparición de Cleo Smith, de 4 años, en octubre 16.

El hombre, who was identified by Australian public broadcaster as Terence Kelly, will appear in Carnavon court on Thursday afternoon, según un comunicado policial.
Cleo Smith was found by police in the early hours of Wednesday morning in a locked house in Carnarvon, a town in the state of Western Australia, algunos 30 miles from the campsite where she was apparently abducted close to three weeks ago.
    Police said Cleo was found in a room in the house with the lights on, awake and playing with toys. Police are yet to interview the girl, but specialists have arrived in Carnarvon from Perth to do so.
      El jueves, Western Australia Premier Mark McGowan said he met with Cleo and her family, describing her asvery well adjusted, considerando (her ordeal).”
        She has done a bit of sleeping and a lot of eating, a lot of lying around and cuddling,” McGowan said.
          Detective Superintendent Wilde said Cleo had also been checked out at the hospital, y “physically she is OK.
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