Man charged with firing shots at a Chicago police officer

Man charged with firing shots at a Chicago police officer

A man who Chicago police wanted to question about an open container of alcohol over the weekend fired a handgu at an officer who fired back, police officials said.

경찰 said no one was struck by gunfire in the incident Saturday afternoon on the city’s North Side.

Mugshot for Gerardo Jasso, 35.

Mugshot for Gerardo Jasso, 35. (Chicago Police Department)

The man taken into custody was identified as Gerardo Jasso, 35, who was booked on a charge of attempting to murder a police officer.


It happened after officers spotted Jasso with an open can of alcohol, 경찰은 말했다.

“A handgun was recovered at the scene,” they said.

Jasso was jailed without bail, Fox에 따르면 32.

Jasso had another run-in with cops two years ago after being spotted urinating in public, 여우 32 신고 당시.

그 경우, Jasso was arrested on weapons charges after police say they saw him toss a gun away as he tried to flee.

Court records show he was found not guilty on all counts after a trial held without a jury, CWB Chicago reported Sunday.

The neigbhorhood-funded public safety news outlet described Jasso as a reputed gang member who has several large gang-related tattoos on his face and neck.

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