Man compliments waitress on bald head at wife’s birthday dinner, suffers consequences for ‘over a year’

Man compliments waitress on bald head at wife's birthday dinner, suffers consequences for 'over a year'

A Reddit user claims his wife has been slightly angry with him for “over a year” after he complimented a waitress on her attractive bald head.

The man, who posted the story to the online forum earlier this week, further revealed that the incident took place during a birthday dinner for his wife, but he still claims he was only making friendly conversation at the time.

“Everything was good as usual, but we had a server neither of us had seen before with a somewhat striking appearance: She was completely bald,” the man recounted. “Normally I wouldn’t say anything about something like that because I’m afraid of being rude, but toward the end of the dinner the server made a joke about she and I having the same haircut (I’m bald).”

From there, the man claims he asked if the server was “bald by choice,” to which she revealed that she was.

“I told her I loved that and I thought women could look very beautiful bald even though it’s not something you see often. I told her she had a great head shape for it and joked about offering razor recommendations,” he added. “It was light conversation and that was the end of it.”


But, this was not “the end of it.”

The man claims that after their server walked away, his wife ate the rest of her meal in silence. Only after they left did she reveal why she was angry, sarcastically asking if she should visit a nearby Walgreens to buy some clippers and shave her own head.

She also accused him of “blatantly” flirting with the waitress, and although he admitted that he did find the waitress attractive, he claims that was not the case.

“It was not intentional, but I guess I realize how it could’ve seemed inappropriate at my wife’s birthday dinner,” he wrote.

Ever since the incident, the man claims his wife brings up his comments about the woman's "great head shape."

Ever since the incident, the man claims his wife brings up his comments about the woman’s “great head shape.” (iStock)


But now, even a year later, the man claims his wife still needles him about the incident, despite him offering his apologies.

“She makes little references like, ‘I guess I’m not as interesting as a bald goddess’ or ‘Does this look good on me or do I need to show some scalp?’”

Many of the post’s commenters called the man out for complimenting another woman at his wife’s birthday dinner, regardless of his actual intentions or feelings toward the waitress’ bald head.

“Would it really have been that hard for [him] to avoid flirting with a random stranger in front of his wife ON HER BIRTHDAY?!” one reader asked.

“You were flirting,” another said. “It may well have been completely baseless on both your parts but your wife was sitting right there. You were rude and thoughtless towards her on her birthday.”


Others claimed that people in the service industry may not enjoy discussing anything other than the business at hand, despite any appearances otherwise, and especially not their own bodies.

“As a rule, you should not tell a waitress (or waiter, or any person whose job is to serve you) they are beautiful or comment on a part of their body. EVEN if they are friendly with you or joking with you,” wrote another commenter.

Still, there were some that found the issue to be “mundane,” claiming that they, too, would have started up similar conversations without hesitation.

“You had a friendly conversation with a woman. I don’t think that automatically makes it flirting,” one person wrote.

“Look even if [you] were flirting which I don’t believe you were… you apologized for it and are trying to remedy this,” another added.

In any case, the man claims he’s going to try to apologize to his wife in a “more formal” way, after having already apologized several times already.

“She doesn’t even seem mad anymore really, it’s just coming up every time she talks to me it seems,” he wrote, adding that he plans to issue an update his post with the outcome.

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