Man finds 'witch bottle' with human tooth and hair while searching woods

A father-of-three exploring his local woods recently discovered an old artifact that he probably won’t be displaying in his home. Instead, he says he’s worried he may have stumbled upon an old curse.

Chris Langston, 48, found a witch bottle while exploring the woods near his home in England.

Chris Langston, 48, found a witch bottle while exploring the woods near his home in England. (SWNS)

Chris Langston found a pile of broken dishes in the woods near his home in England and decided to inspect it, Southwest News Service (SWNS) reports. He then found a bottle underneath which contained a human tooth, hair and a yellowish liquid that appeared to be urine.


Langston described the find to SWNS, saying, “The top layer seemed to be from around 1900 to 1910 as there were some commemorative cups and things broken on the surface. On the latest visit, I found a blue poison bottle and a broken dolls head which was creepy in itself which dates to 1900.”

He continued, “And then I was digging away and this bottle came out and I thought ‘what’s that inside?’ and a tooth slid up the bottle. I had my camera in my hand and in the video you can see me shaking as I just wanted to put it down.”

When he began to research the item, however, he discovered that it may have a creepy history.

“So I did a bit of research online and discovered it was a witch bottle and it was later confirmed to be it could date back to 1860,” he said.

Items like this were apparently used to ward off evil spells and curses. Upon learning this, Langston decided that it wasn’t worth keeping the unusual find.


“I went back the following day and placed it in an undisturbed part near the area where I found it and buried it slightly just to avoid any bad juju,” he said. “The most bizarre thing is that I’ve never believed in anything like this but I’m not willing to take the risk. So I’ve suddenly become all superstitious within a shovel full. I did get a bit creeped out by it all.”




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