L'uomo uccide la moglie e poi spara agli agenti di Dallas che hanno risposto alla chiamata, dice il capo della polizia

Due agenti di polizia di Dallas sono stati feriti e colpiti questa settimana in risposta a una chiamata per violenza domestica, Il capo della polizia Eddie Garcia ha detto venerdì.

L'uomo che ha sparato agli agenti giovedì mattina — identified as 57-year-old Sergio Sanchezfatally shot his wife before turning the gun on himself in what Garcia called adomestic violence-related murder suicide.
It was a call to police from Sanchezwho told a dispatcher he had killed his wifethat brought officers to the Dallas home shortly before 11 a.m. giovedi, Garcia told reporters.
L'uomo “immediately fired uponthe responding officers, wounding two of them, ha detto il capo della polizia. The officers were in stable condition, police tweeted on Thursday. No update was given Friday.
    A SWAT team decided to force its way into the house at about 1:30 p.m. giovedi. Officers found Sanchez, and his wife dead from gunshot wounds.
    Garcia said Sanchez had anextensive violent criminal history.Police believe the gunman shot his wife before the ambush-type assault on responding officers, disse il capo.
    Officers did not fire their weapons during this incident, secondo Garcia.
    L'indagine è in corso, said Garcia, who praised Dallas firefighters whoput themselves in harm’s wayto reach the wounded officers.
      Garcia said the shooting was the seconddomestic violence-related murder suicidein the city during his two and half weeks as police chief.
      The shooting was a reminder of the need towork harderwith the community and non-profits to provide resources to victims of domestic violenceas well as the dangers faced by officers every day.

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