Man strangles Burger King worker after arguing over mask rules: 보고서

경찰에 따르면, a man entered the 레스토랑 in Wayne, and assaulted a female employee. While the March 27 incident is still being investigated, the man got into an argument with workers at the same Burger King earlier in the day over not wearing a mask.

Officers from the Wayne Police Department arrested David Siversten after locating him near the Newark-Pompton Turnpike, according to a post on the department’s Facebook page. According to the officers, when they approached Siversten, 그는 말했다 “You got me.


Siversten allegedly entered the BK and began strangling a woman who worked at the restaurant. 다행히도, another worker intervened, at which point Siversten allegedly fled the scene.

While the victim reportedly complained about pain after the attack, she apparently declined to be taken to the hospital.

Earlier that same day, a suspect (determined to have also been Siversten) entered that same Burger King without a mask on. 경찰에 따르면, he argued with staff and authorities were also called. The man fled the restaurant before law enforcement arrived.

The officers who arrested Siversten described him asagitatedand that heappeared to be under the influence of alcohol.He has been charged with aggravated assault. According to the Wayne Police, Siversten injured himself during the booking process when he became uncooperative and “의도적으로” slammed his head into a steel bench.

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The man required medical attention and was taken to a nearby hospital, later transported to the Passaic County Jail.

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