Man who filmed Rodney King's 1991 被警察殴打死于 Covid-19, 朋友说

乔治·霍利迪, 拍摄洛杉矶警察局警察殴打罗德尼金的臭名昭著的视频的人超过 30 几年前, 已经死了, 他的朋友告诉CNN. 他是 61.

Holliday died Sunday of 新冠肺炎 in Simi Valley, 加利福尼亚州, according to longtime friend Robert Wollenweber.
“不幸, he didn’t want to get vaccinated. He wanted to get the Covid so he could build immunities and his wish came true about a month ago,” said Wollenweber in a telephone interview with CNN. “He got sicker and sicker and was having trouble breathing, so they finally took him to the hospital. When his oxygen levels went down, they put them on a ventilator. And then he got pneumonia and his kidneys were shutting down and he had internal bleeding. And then he died Sunday.
      Wollenweber says he met Holliday in 1996 when they worked at the same plumbing company.
        They last saw each other about a month ago, before Holliday went into the hospital, 他说.
          Wollenweber is not sure how Holliday caught Covid-19 but thinks their line of work exposed him.
          We were both plumbers and we go to people’s houses every day, so I’m assuming he picked it up from one of his customers,” Wollenweber said.
          Wollenweber says the Rodney King beating video changed Holliday’s life.
          It’s sad because the video brought him a lot of bad luck,” Wollenweber said. “He was a working stiff, 你懂, just like all of us.
          Holliday shot the video early on the morning of March 3, 1991, from the balcony of his apartment. The video was seen on televisions around the world and was a key piece of evidence in the trial of four LAPD officers, WHO were acquitted on all charges connected to the beating.
          The April 29, 1992, acquittal sparked riots in Los Angeles.
          Two of the officers, Sergeant Stacey Koon and officer Laurence Michael Powell, were convicted in 1993 of violating King’s civil rights.
          Rodney King died in 2012.
          Holliday holds the videocamera he used to capture the Rodney King beating after a 1991 新闻发布会.

          King’s daughter and CEO of the Rodney King Foundation, Lora Dene King, expressed her appreciation for Holliday in a statement to CNN.
          The King family will forever be grateful to George Holliday who had the courage and conviction to hold the LAPD accountable in their brutal beating of my father, Rodney. Our condolences are extended to his family and friends,” 她说.
          He was a great guy, and he was fair and he lived a clean life, he didn’t drink, he didn’t smoke,” Wollenweber said of Holliday. “He believed in God and it’s just unfortunate that this Covid took him.
            CNN requested comment from Holliday’s brother, 彼得, who’s also in the plumbing business. 然而, an outgoing message said he was not available, and he will be spending the week mourning.
            Wollenweber says Holliday is survived by his wife and a son from a previous relationship.