El hombre que se sometió a una cirugía a corazón abierto gana un $  1 Millones de premios de lotería después de que el boleto llegó en una tarjeta de mejora

Un hombre de Massachusetts que se recuperaba de una cirugía a corazón abierto ganó un $ 1 millón lottery prize on a scratch-off ticket given to him by a friend, según los funcionarios de la lotería.

Alexander McLeish received three scratch-off tickets in a get-well card from a friend earlier this month, according to a news release from the Massachusetts State Lottery Commission.
As McLeish scratched off the first three letters on the crossword lottery ticket, his first glimpse of good luck was revealing his initials: A, W and M. As he continued matching letters to words on the lottery ticket, for a game called $ 5,000,000 100X Cashword, he revealed the word “corazón” on the bottom row of the puzzle.
      The man wound up winning the second top prize for the game — $ 1 millón. There are only 10 total prize winners for that amount on the $ 20 lottery ticket. The top prize is $ 5 millón.
        The first sign of good luck on the prize-winning ticket were McLeish's initials as the first three letters.

        This wasn’t the first time McLeish won on a ticket given to him by his friend. Several years ago, he won $ 1,000 on a lottery ticket his friend gave him for his birthday, según los funcionarios de la lotería.
            McLeish claimed his $ 1 million prize Friday and chose the cash option. Before taxes, he received a one-time payment of $ 650,000, según el comunicado de prensa.
            No word on whether he will give his friend any of the prize money.

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