L'uomo che ha salvato 5 persone durante i bombardamenti di Oklahoma City muoiono

Raymond Washburn, a cui viene attribuito il merito di aver aiutato a salvare cinque persone dalle macerie del 1995 Bombardamento di Oklahoma City, è deceduto domenica nella sua casa di Bristow, Oklahoma, all'età di 75.

When the bomb exploded at the federal building in Oklahoma City, Washburn was working at the fourth-floor snack stand he owned and operated, according to a news release sent to CNN.
Buried under the rubble, Washburn was able to free himself. Nel 2001, he told CNN that he suffered some cuts and bruises but was largely OK.
      Although he was blind, Washburn then rescued four of his customers and an employee from the rubble that day and led them to safety.
        He will be buried at Tiger Cemetery on Friday.
          Secondo il comunicato stampa, Washburn was a member of the Yuchi Tribe of Native Americans and was the past president of the Randolph Sheppard Vendors of America, the Oklahoma Council of the Blind, the Oklahoma League of the Blind Credit Union.

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