Manchin calls 'bulls---' on report that he may leave Democratic Party

Manchin was swarmed by reporters ahead of the vote for President Biden’s controversial Education Department nominee Catherine Lhamon asking him about a report that said the senator was considering leaving his party and becoming an independent.

The West Virginia Democrat told the gaggle of reporters that he hasno control over the rumorsbefore calling the Wednesday reportbulls—.”


The report by Madre Jones alleged that Manchin was eyeing the exit ramp from his leftward-lurching party over the size of the Democrats’ $ 3.5 pacchetto di spesa da trilioni, which he wants to see drop to $ 1.75 trilioni.

Secondo il rapporto, Manchin was considering becoming anAmerican Independentshould the price tag not drop – a point of contention between Manchin, whose vote is a needed legislative linchpin for the Democrats.

Inoltre, Mother Jones reported that the senator had a two-step plan to hit the eject button from the Democrats.

The first step involved sending a letter to Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., renouncing his Democratic leadership position as the Senate Democrats’ communications and policy vice chair to pressure Schumer into lowering the bill’s costs.

If Schumer didn’t budge, Manchin would have reportedly changed his voter registration to independent, secondo il rapporto.

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