Marc Thiessen slams media 'dereliction of duty' on China, COVID origins

More than a year after the start of the coronavirus pandemic, Democrats and their “media allies” stopped pointing fingers at former President Trump for the outbreak, since he is no longer in office, and shifted the blame back to China

“So can we finally blame China? Apparently now it’s OK and it’s safe to do so,” Thiessen told “The Faulkner Focus” Friday. “The reality is, of course, this came from the lab. There is zero evidence to show that it came out naturally. Look at the evidence in the lab.”


Thiessen claimed that the evidence goes back to 2018 when the “U.S. diplomats warned about lax safety practices” happening in the Wuhan labs. 

“It happened in Wuhan, which just happens to be the home of China’s premier labs studying bat coronaviruses,” Thiessen argued. “We know that there’s a long history of viruses escaping from Chinese labs…we know that 3 lab workers at the Wuhan lab got sick with COVID-like symptoms in November just as the pandemic was starting.”

The Fox News contributor made the comments after U.S. House lawmakers announced plans to introduce two bipartisan bills Friday that would address the origins of the coronavirus pandemic and would allow victims’ families to sue China. 

“If this came from a Chinese government lab that was because of lax safety practices and irresponsible research practices then it’s no longer an act of God it’s an act of state,” Thiessen told Faulkner. “That means the Chinese government is responsible for the release of the pandemic that has killed 3 million people around the world, including half a million Americans…this is really important to get as much information as we can pointing to this.”

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