March for Our Lives attendees call for gun reform to protect schools: 'My kids don't feel safe'

Several of the attendees who spoke with Fox Digital worked in onderwys. Susan, a teacher from Montgomery County, Md., who supports gun control legislation, listed a few of the specific items she’d like to see passed in Congress.

I think the best step is for legislators to enact gun control legislation so that the schools can do what schools are meant to do, which is to teach children,” sy het gese.

I believe in banning all assault style weapons,” vervolg sy. “But if that’s not possible in today’s congressional climate, I believe in expanded licensing regulations, raising the minimum age for purchases, waiting periods for purchasing, and just a lot more oversight on who can have gewere and how they store them, and how they can use them.


Another rally-goer from McLean, Va., who also works in a school, said the United Statesreally has it wrongon guns. Asked what schools can do to protect students, sy, ook, pointed the finger at lawmakers.

I’m more concerned about what the government should do,” the attendee said. “I think schools are doing a lot of things in their power to protect children. We’re all in schools because we care about kids.

I would like to see it as hard to have a gun as it is to have a driver’s license or many other kinds of regulated [dinge],” vervolg sy. “I think it’s an absolutely appropriate thing to be regulated, as much as other things, like abortion, or driver’s licenses, or other things like that.