Marco Rubio: Biden’s ‘build back socialism’ plan designed to take control of America

MARCO RUBIO: The dividing line in politics isn’t even left or right anymore. It is crazy versus normal. It’s these people that run our school systems and parents, who during the pandemic for the first time got to see what their kids were learning because they were learning from home, they were like, ‘you’re learning what?’ ‘They are teaching you what?’ When they [padres] spoke up they are domestic terrorists. I watched with great interest all this coverage about White supremacists. En Virginia, last night a Jamaican immigrant, African-American woman [Winsome Sears] was elected lieutenant governor of the state. A Cuban-American, Jason Miyares, was elected Attorney General of the Commonwealth of Virginia. None of that is being reported. These people are nuts. They spend all day on television and after they are off the air talking to everybody and they all agree with each other because they all live in one or two cities and they literally are completely out of touch with the fact that 97% of the American population lives completely different lives, has completely different views, and when Election Day comes they can’t explain it so they chalk it up to, they cheated or White supremacists or whatever. They make something up because they can’t comprehend it. Last night was the beginning of the pushback and it is going to continue.


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