Marco Rubio: Big Tech has the power to wipe anyone out

MARCO RUBIO: [Gran tecnología] has become the new gatekeepers of the public square in American politics. If you think about it we have never been here before. Five companies in America now have the power to basically wipe anybody out and silence anyone. Sabes, Amazonas, Google, Facebook, Gorjeo, they all get together, and decide, Apple, get together and decide, we’re going to wipe somebody out, you’re done. There’s nowhere for you to communicate, you can’t even get web services and you can’t communicate to the outside world your views.

More than that, they now have put themselves in a position of determining what news can be re-reported. We remember those articles about Hunter Biden and they quashed the “New York Post” stories, they would not allow them to be spread. For the first time we’ve seen them have to go back and remove a ban on stories about the origins of the COVID -19 virus because they have proven to be untrue. This is the danger here. You have a bunch of unelected, unaccountable, anonymous people deciding what we’re allowed to say to one another and what we’re allowed to share. That is a very dangerous moment. They have assumed basically governmental powers without being accountable to anyone.


Journalism in America is on its deathbed. There is no journalism anymore. These are activists masquerading as journalists.





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