Marine veteran credited with saving New York officer stabbed by suspect in his backyard

Sandoval has been credited with saving the Suffolk County police officer who was rushed to a local hospital in critical condition where, 警察は言った, he underwent emergency surgery.

The injured Suffolk County Police officer has been identified as Christopher Racioppo, by the Suffolk County Police Benevolent Association (PBA).

で話す “狐 & 友達” 月曜日に, Sandoval explained what happened on Saturday night outside his home in Patchogue, which is located in Suffolk County, ロングアイランド.

Sandoval, who was at home on Saturday night, ホストに言った スティーブドゥーシー that he heard a loud noise and went outside to finda car turned on its side.

He added that he sawa Nissan that had crashed into my front yard onto a tree.

Prior to the crash, Officer Racioppo witnessed someone driving a Mercedes Benz erratically with no headlights and when he tried to pull over the vehicle, the driver slammed into the Nissan, according to Suffolk County Police.

Sandoval said when he went outside, he saw a man in the Nissan, WHO “seemed to be fine.

He gave hand signs that he was OK,” Sandoval continued.

He said he thensaw an officer trying to take down a suspect, who was the driver of that SUV.

The suspect acted as if he was going to give in, しかしながら, he used a curse word and basically ran to my backyard,” 彼は続けた.


Sandoval said at that point, he ran to grab a flashlight and when he returned to his yard, インクルード “officer was unfortunately already down.

Sandoval said there was acommotion going on in the corner of the backyard,” which he noted was a struggle between the suspect and another man who had come to help, who he later found out was a retired NYPD officer.

Sandoval said that because the former officer also stopped to help, he was able to attend to the injured officer. Sandoval acknowledged that his military training immediately kicked in. He said he ran back into his house to retrieve a belt to use as a tourniquet fordeep gash woundbelow the officer’s groin and was able to call 911.

By the time I get down with the tourniquet and start trying to apply it, officers swooped in, they helped me, they put two more tourniquets on him, so altogether there was [ママ] 三,” サンドバルは言った, adding that he then helped officers carry Racioppo to an SUV to be rushed to the hospital.

月曜日に, the Suffolk County PBA thanked all those who helped Officer Racioppo and tweeted, “We continue to pray for PO Racioppo’s quick recovery.

Thank you to 5th Pct [ホワイトハウスが最初に要求したものの半分未満] PO [Police Pfficer] Herbst and other responding officers for their quick actions which saved Officer Racioppo’s life. Thank you as well to the two Good Samaritans who got involved.

I’m just glad the officer is alive and God bless him and his family and also the ex-NYPD officer that helped,” Sandoval told Doocy. “I thank him and I thank God that he was there to help me with that as well.

Suffolk County Police said the suspect, Jonathan Nunez of Long Island, has been arrested after thetwo good Samaritansand responding officers took the 25-year-old into custody.

Nunez faces several charges, including aggravated assault on a police officer, Driving While Intoxicated and resisting arrest. Police said he was admitted to a Long Island hospital and will be arraigned at a later date.

The driver of the Nissan, was transported to an area hospital for treatment of non-life-threatening injuries, 警察によると.