Mark Fuhrman uncovers new details in the unsolved cases of Natalee Holloway, Bob Crane

16 多年后, her case continues to mystify the world. 现在, former Los Angeles Police Department detective and Fox Nation host Mark Fuhrman dives deep into the details of one of America’s most notorious crime mysteries in hopes of finding answers others have not.

星期二, Fuhrman appeared on Fox News‘The Faulkner Focus’ to discuss Holloway’s story, with host 哈里斯·福克纳 remarking that he hasunearthed some thingsabout the case in his newest season of ‘The Fuhrman Diaries.’ Faulkner herself has a connection to the case, having been among the first reporters to have sat down with Natalee Holloway’s mother following her daughter’s disappearance.

“标记, you and I have something in common — and that is a connection to that case. More than curiosity, but having followed it.Faulker said. “最后, you have unearthed some things that even those of us who were glued to it did not know.

Fuhrman, who traveled to Aruba for the Fox Nation coverage, noted that Natalee Holloway’s case had been a ‘compromised investigation’ from the start.

但, according to Fuhrman, it wasn’t the only unsolved mystery that had been mishandled.


在 1978, American actor, radio personality, 和 Hogan’s Heroesstar Bob Crane was bludgeoned to death in his Scottsdale, Arizona apartmentleaving behind a wife, five children, and a legacy in question.

Though Crane’s murder sent shock waves through Hollywood, his previously uncontroversial image as a star had reportedly been threatened by the suspicious nature of his deathand revelations about his personal life that resultantly came to light.

His reputation and his celebrity preceded everything in the investigation,” said Furhman, who suggested his social status had caused the Scottsdale Police Department to mishandle the case.

It was completely bungled from the onset…probably because he was a celebrity and they were intimidated by anything that he did.

Exclusive new details on the disappearance of Natalee Holloway can be found in Season 6 of Fox Nation’s ‘The Fuhrman Diaries,among other high-profile crime mysteries like Bob Crane’s and more.

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