Mark Levin blasts 'reprobates' in media and academia attacking parents while excusing actual violence by BLM

On “The Mark Levin Show” on Westwood One, the host commented on recent events at his local municipality’s school board meetings in Loudon County, Virginia. One event included a man who was arrested during a school board meeting, after alleging his daughter was assaulted by a transgender student.

Levin said Loudoun County used to be reliably Republican, but local offices swapped parties over the last decade as the Old Dominion trended Democratic.

The “Life, Liberty & Levin” host added that as a young man, he ran for and was elected to the school board in his Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, hometown while he was a law student – and remarked that the people he is seeing leading school boards these days were not prevalent back then.

Levin played recent clips of political and media figures condemning parents in harsh terms, including one MSNBC guest who described them as “violent-looking, angry spewing.”

In another MSNBC clip, host Alicia Menendez commented that some of the actions by parents “have become scary at these meetings.” 

Former FBI counterintelligence official Frank Figliuzzi told Menendez that the bureau is “tailor-made for this kind of national level coordination, who will become overwhelmed with overtime, intel-gathering… and this becomes a security crisis in a sense for the nation.”


Levin also played a clip of Virginia Democratic gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe telling a local news affiliate that boards of education are intended to be the creator of curriculum, not parents – while MSNBC host Stephanie Ruhle voiced concern for the home life of children of the parents who speak out at school board meetings.

Concluding the montage, Levin slammed the media as “propagandists”.

“[They’re] trashing the parents–  they have no evidence of pattern of violence whatsoever – we have plenty of it summer before last with Black Lives Matter and Antifa – and most of these individuals defended Black Lives Matter and they do to this day,” Levin said. 

Princeton African-American studies Prof. Eddie Glaude Jr., said during MSNBC’s “Morning Joe”, that tensions at school board meetings were once “fringe elements” but that they have been “mainstreamed.”

“In many ways, we’re in a cold Civil War. It turned hot on January 6th. It is turning hot in these local spaces,” Glaude said.

Levin called out Glaude as a “clown,” and blasted the academic as well as the MSNBC host, former Florida Rep. Joe Scarborough, as being indicative of the “reprobates and miscreants” who are offered a platform in the media.


Levin wondered if Glaude was on the same “sanctimonious high horse” when BLM was rioting and looting in America’s cities in 2020.

“He didn’t talk about that – arson, looting, ‘no, no, mostly peaceful, it’s the parents,'” he said. “I just want you parents to understand. The media, the Democratic Party, these tenured professors, many of whom are Marxists – this is the crap that’s being fed to your kids.”

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