Mark Levin blasts WaPo's Woodward & 코스타: What journalists 'sit on this story'?

번갯불 화요일에 말했다 “Hannity” 코스타와 우드워드가 진실을 말한다면, 그 Milley는 중국 공산당 Gen에게 확신을 주었다.. Li Zuocheng은 향후 미국에 대해 베이징에 경고할 것이라고 말했습니다.. military actions commanded by President 도날드 트럼프, they essentially hid from the public a damning account of why Milley is unqualified for his job or worse.

Wouldn’t it be good to know about Milley before what happened in 아프가니스탄 so his ass could have been kicked out of office – so we could get a general in there like a George S. Patton who would not leave American citizens in enemy territory and leave patriotic Afghans in enemy territory who are being hunted down and killed … with 85 billion dollars of our equipment [left there],” Levin asked. “General Milley is the worst general we have ever had.

Sources told 폭스 뉴스 correspondent Jennifer Griffin that Milley never promised 중국 a head’s up in the way described by Costa and Woodward:

하나, 의 위에 “Hannity“, Levin added that Milley should come out and publicly comment one way or another on the potentially egregious allegations.

Levin said Woodward – who became a household name as a journalist after breaking the Watergate scandal with then-colleague-turned-CNN-contributor Carl Bernstein – has a modus operandi of releasing a bombshell book just days before an opportunity presents itself to appear on Sunday news programs and exponentially increase book sales.

Woodard and Costa are reporters for the Washington Post. It takes 3 months to print a book. That means Woodward and Costa and the Washington Post – if this is true – sat on this story for months and months: Why would 2 reporters sit on a story like this for months and months and allow this man (밀리) — who I believe if this is true is utterly unhingedto serve as the head of the Joint Chiefs of Staff?”

Levin said Woodward likely hopes to make “수백만 달러” off the book and score a handful of national news appearances to boost his profile.

People should boycott this book: people should not reward these people for their conduct as so-called journalists. Journalism is corrupt and dead in this country.

Levin further questioned Costa’s qualifications as a journalist, given that the book was reportedly based on interviews with over 200 people based on the condition they are not named as sources.

Who the hell writes a book with 200 anonymous sources?” asked Levin, who himself regularly footnotes his own works.

“[그들] have the tapes and the notes. But we don’t: 미국 사람들, this is our country don’t we get to make a judgment about these things.

What kind of a news organization is this?” he said of the Jeffrey Bezos-owned newspaper. “과, if this happened it’s big news. I spent my life defending the Constitution of the United States. You have here Mark Milley not once but twice before the election and after, contacts the head of the Communist military in China – our number 1 enemy.

If the United States military is going to attack China, the head of the Joint Chiefs of Staff knows every step of it. He is going to tell the enemy? If that’s true, this S-O-B needs to be out of there as fast as possible without a debate. According to this story, if it’s true, he told officers to take an oath of loyalty to him. To him. What else does he do? He conspires with the [그때]-head of the CIA (Gina Haspel) who is worried about a right-wing coup,” Levin added, commenting that Haspel and others never recognized the truecoupof continued attacks and investigations of Trump based on never-ending Russian collusion allegations, tax return demands and so forth.

FOX 뉴스 앱을 받으려면 클릭하십시오

하나, Levin concluded that if Milley did not in fact pledge to warn the Communist Chinese of American military action, the general willown the Washington Post”, ostensibly through a lawsuit award.

“미국, boycott these two journalists. They should not make millions of dollars sitting on a story, 만약 사실이라면, that we the people had a right to know. That the military had a right to know before Afghanistan. A pox on all their houses.

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