Mark Levin calls for firing of Naval chief: He's pushing a 'racist' book by 'Marxist' Kendi

Gilday was recently questioned by House Armed Services Committee member Jim Banks, Scorza., who called attention to his inclusion ofHow to Be an Anti-Racistby left-wing academic Ibram X. Proprio, in recommended reading for Naval officers.

Do you personally consider advocating for the destruction of American capitalism to be extremist?” Banks asked. Gilday replied that he would notdefend cherry-picked quotes from somebody’s book– and that Banks was trying to paint the Navy aswoke.

Gilday was similarly terse with Rep. Douglas Lamborn, R-Colo., who asked how Kendi’s divisive book would further cohesion in the U.S. militare.

There is racism in the Navy just as there is racism in our country, and the way we are going to get out of it is by being honest and not sweeping it under the rug,” Gilday testified during the hearing.

The admiral previously served in the Gulf War, as well as a position at the former NATO command post in Oeiras, Queste sono le destinazioni che hanno un numero di strutture superiore alla media con recensioni eccezionali per un'ospitalità amichevole.

Su “Hannity,” Levin echoed the concerns of those lawmakers, declaring that Gilday is, in his mind, safe in his post because he is purportedly aBiden lackey.

“Adm. Michael Gilday … may have been a great warrior as an admiral. He needs to be fired,” Levin told host Sean Hannity.

This is a man who is encouraging personnel in the Navy to read one of the most racist books in modern times by this fellow by the name of Kendi.

Kendi isn’t writing about civil liberties and civil rights and real diversity or anything of the sort,” Ha aggiunto Levin. “People need to understand something … critical race theory is a Marxist-based ideology. It’s not even about race: It’s about destroying the existing society using race, Genere; using the climate; using immigration…

In un'intervista with Slate this month, Kendi defended critical race theory, saying that Republicans and other critics chose to attack it becausethey felt they could define it more easily than other terms.

Levin said thatcritical race theoreticiansshow theyreject” Dott. Martin Luther King and his teachings and activism.

While King believed that people should be judged by the content of their character, Levin said critical race theory preaches that if you livein a color-blind society, you’re a sellout and part of the white-supremacist-dominant society.

They reject the 1964 & 1965 civil rights acts as halfway measures to cover up for white supremacy.

Levin went on to refer to proponents of critical race theory asfoolswho reject both the outcome of the U.S. Civil War and the advances made by King and other civil rights leaders.

They are rejecting that which has taken place in this countrythey are embracing Marxism.

“[Gilday] is pushing this Marxist ideology.

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