Mark Levin demands reticent GOP craft Biden impeachment: A 'coward' who intentionally hurts his own people

Levin, gran cantidad de “La vida, Libertad & Levin“, dijo “Hannity” that Biden’s culpability in several critical American crises remains so whether or not his actions areby design… or the fact he’s dim-witted.

Joe Biden is the most disastrous president in modern American history,” él dijo, adding that Biden’s and the federal health bureaucraciesunending and ever-changing mandates or recommendations imposed on the American people while the frontera sur remains open to all is akin to a 20th Century president instructing Americans to get a polio vaccine whileinviting people into the country that he knows have polio.

Levin said Biden is actively ushering in thousands of illegal immigrants because they represent innumerable prospective Democratic voters – voters that he said willturn Texas and Arizona blueand thereby give Democrats a guaranteed congressional majority for at least a generation.

On the Texas border, thousands of illegal migrants have overwhelmed cities like McAllen, while exclusive Fox drone footage has shown large groups of migrants being housed under the Anzalduas Bridge that runs between Texas and the Mexican state of Tamaulipas.

No president has ever done this to his own people. He is a coward and he buckles to the radical left. He’s no fool. The idea that people who are vaccinated are the ones who are going to be punished, it’s like gun owners who are law-abiding are the ones are going to be punished,” said Levin, adding that Biden and his party hold the same disdain for the unvaccinated as they do for successful working-class Americans –they’re the ones they tend to punish with the tax code.

Levin ripped congressional Republicans for remaining silent on the prospect of impeachment against Biden – acknowledging that they are not the party in power at the moment, but adding that that fact is irrelevant to whether the discussion deserves its day.

“Republicanos, have you heard of the word impeachment? You guys just going to go down to the border and whine yourselves to death?” preguntó.

You need to start explaining to the American people. This man just violated a Supreme Court decision. This man has the border wide open in violation of our immigration laws.

Hasta ahora, at least one Republican – Rep. Chip Roy of Texas – has called for Biden’s impeachment, citing the illegal immigration crisis.

El miércoles, Biden acknowledged that extending the CDC’s COVID-based eviction moratorium ran counter to a Supreme Court opinion from Justice Brett Kavanaugh , but enacted the policy anyway.

Kavanaugh said only Congress has the Constitutional power to make such an extension, not the bureaucracy.

Levin noted that several Republicans voted to impeach President Trump on what he called much lesser offenses, ridiculing again their collective silence on Biden’s alleged violations of federal law.

His government knows [illegal immigrants] have the virus. They are pushing them into the interior of the country. What kind of a president does that to his own people?” Levin said.

If he’s not at least going to look out for the health and safety of the American people that he needs to be removed.

This street politician from Wilmington, Delaware, the dumbest man to ever serve in the Senate, the dumbest man to ever be vice president, and now the dumbest man to ever be president,” Levin said. “He’s got a massive ego. He’s a narcissist. He wants to go down in history as the greatest president. He’s going to go down in history as the greatest disaster: He’s doing more to weaken this country than the Communist Chinese could ever pray to do.

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